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Box of Mildly Evil Fortune Cookies (Shipped Anonymously)

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A box full of mildly evil fortune cookies. Sent anonymously to your enemy. Inject your victims with doses of disillusionment and paranoia as they crush the crisp shells and discover the “fortunes” within are really mildly annoying curses in disguise.

Have an asshat friend who loves China Buffet? An annoying relative who’s a bit superstitious? A salty ex who doesn’t believe in ancestral curses? Send them these crunchy devils to make them uncomfortable. And whenever they step on lego and spill the coffee and mutter to themselves "CURSES!" You'll be sipping on your hot chocolate, grinning from a safe distance.

***Made in America. Blessed with misfortunes.

REMEMBER: Make sure you put the recipient's name and address in the shipping option. Otherwise, it is you that ends up with the misfortunes.

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